Fire redundant wallets offer exceptional protection for your essential documents, cash, and cards against fire and heat. Crafted with innovative materials and design, the fire wallets provide a reliable shield for your valuables.

Constructed using fire-resistant fabrics or advanced materials such as fiberglass, silicone, or carbon fibre, fire redundant wallets are built to endure high temperatures. Their robust construction forms a protective barrier, ensuring that the contents inside remain unharmed in the event of a fire.

  • Fireproof and flame-retardant wallets safeguard valuables from fire damage
  • Made of heat-resistant materials
  • Versatile for personal and commercial use
  • Ensure maximum security for your belongings.
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  1. Rottner Document Wallet A4 Size Velcro flame retardant
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Not only do businesses prioritize safeguarding their data and documents, but individuals also highly value protecting their belongings from fire hazards. As a result, fire redundant wallets serve both personal and commercial purposes, offering assurance that the contents remain shielded from fires.

Certified fire protection extends beyond vaults to include safe deposit boxes, document cabinets, and filing cabinets. Consult with our sales team to verify if your preferred fire redundant wallet comes with certified fire protection, ensuring enhanced security for your valuable items.

Fire-resistant safes, including fireproof and flame-retardant wallets, primarily shield your valuable documents and belongings from fire damage. They also offer some resistance against water damage resulting from fire suppression methods like sprinkler systems and firefighting hoses. Fireproof wallets feature specialized seals that help prevent the entry of extinguishing water, coupled with sealed door seams that aid in keeping the contents protected during a fire. Hence, when stored in these wallets, your items are safeguarded from both fire and certain forms of water damage. Insurance typically covers damages caused by extinguishing water, providing additional security for your belongings in the event of a fire emergency.
Please remember - fireproof and flame-retardant wallets – offer better protection against fire & the entry of extinguishing water if they are stored inside a safe!

However, it's essential to note that fireproof and flame-retardant wallets, like safes, do not guarantee 100% protection against water. Instances of flooding or pipe bursts pose challenges in complete protection. Wallets positioned on the floor are especially susceptible to water penetration. As water levels rise, the pressure exerted on the wallet door increases. Even with sturdy seals, there might be vulnerabilities, potentially allowing water ingress through the door or mounting holes.
When purchasing fireproof and flame-retardant wallets, ensure they feature reliable seals to minimize water entry. Despite these precautions, there's still a possibility of water penetration during a severe flood or pipe burst.
To counter potential water damage, having an emergency plan is crucial. Storing essential documents in waterproof containers or keeping digital copies in cloud-based storage systems are proactive measures to ensure document safety during disasters.
While fireproof and flame-retardant wallets offer valuable protection, it's wise to supplement their safeguards with additional strategies to effectively mitigate potential water damage.

At, our commitment extends beyond offering top-quality fireproof and flame-retardant wallets; we ensure a seamless delivery and installation experience for our customers.

Fireproof and flame-retardant wallets, curated for exceptional protection, are shipped using reliable services such as DPD. Our standard delivery timeframe spans up to two working days, ensuring prompt receipt of your essential safety gear unless otherwise specified. For a detailed overview of our delivery options, we encourage you to explore our comprehensive delivery and shipping costs page.

At, we prioritize not only the quality of our products but also the satisfaction and peace of mind of our customers throughout the entire process.