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The main reason is that it is rust free! Stainless steel - the name Inox is also common - is a stainless steel that is durable and also shiny finish. With a post box made of stainless steel you get a real eye-catcher on your house facade.

Not only is the design appealing, it also provides optimal protection against rain, snow and dirt.

Whether for multi-party houses or single-family houses - everyone will find the letterbox that suits them at!

We offer a large selection of elegant models with perfect function, in different colors, sizes and materials.

The weather-resistant stainless steel mailboxes are equipped with a cylinder lock to offer maximum security. Two keys are included.

Many models have a viewing window - you can see immediately whether there is mail in your mailbox - or they are equipped with a name tag. You can position your name (make sure the spelling is legible) with this sign in the space provided. A great help for postmen and newspaper deliverers. You know immediately whether you have reached the right recipient.

  • Rottner
  • Profirst
  • Keilbach
  • Knobloch
  • Serafini
  • Heibi
  • Allux

These manufacturers "refine" your home!

Stylish, playful, simple, combinations with other materials - let us surprise you with what we have in our range. You will be amazed! The following three examples are a small “sample” from the different range.

A stainless steel mailbox can have a puristic appearance. For lovers of clear lines, for example, the Rottner Libro Inox mailbox is suitable. (Set link)

If you have a weakness for "the good old days", you might opt ​​for the green Heibi Merito mailbox (Link)

Designer hearts beat faster with the Keilbach Glasnost letterbox, (Link) which, in addition to stainless steel, impresses with printed glass.

There is something for every requirement and every taste. In addition to the look, there are of course also differences in size and equipment - with or without a newspaper compartment, e.g.

Our mailboxes close with a cylinder lock. 2 keys are included.

A mailbox does not necessarily have to be attached to the house wall. The freestanding version is also available using a letterbox stand. Read more about this under mailbox stand.

As you can see - at the selection is so large that everyone can find their favorite!