With us you will find suitable mailbox stands for the mailbox range, whether they are "American mailboxes", "mailboxes with newspaper compartments" or "stainless steel mailboxes". Existing mailboxes can also be retrofitted with our stands.

Our letterbox stands are stable, weatherproof and have been extensively tested. The staff on our hotline will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right letterbox stand. Use our hotline. We would be happy to advise you on 0121 361 3607 and help you find the right stand for your mailbox!

The mailbox can be mounted on a stand next to the property limit, so the postman or the delivery companies will not get close to the house. For example, next to the garden gate or along the garden path is an ideal place to install a letterbox stand. The slightly higher priced letterbox stands are adjustable on height.

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A letterbox does not have to be automatically installed on the house. The house may be a few meters away from the garden fence and you do not want the postman to enter your property. Or you want to save him a long way and make it easier for him to deliver the mail with a mailbox that is right next to the fence or on a free-standing mailbox stand, which brings us to the topic.

For example, we recommend placing it next to the

  • garden gate
  • along a garden path or
  • next to the garage.

The postman can easily reach the mailbox and deliver the mail reliably.

The mailbox stands are height-adjustable, so you can determine yourself at what height your mailbox should be attached. Mailbox stands can be dowelled or walled in. When anchored, they get a particularly strong hold and defy wind and weather.

Place it on the garden fence or simply free-standing next to the house - these are the set-up options. The post box or parcel box can be easily mounted on the bracket attached to the post box stand. It can be set up on any level floor.

There are mailbox stands in different sizes for:

  • Single mailbox
  • Parcel box / parcel mailbox
  • Mailbox system offers letterbox stands made of:

  • stainless steel or
  • steel

The stands are available in gray / silver and black, so they can be optimally integrated into the landscape.

Anchoring the stand is recommended. This is done by hammering or concreting in the ground. In this way, the mailbox stand has a secure hold and is not in danger of falling over. The appropriate mounting material is included.


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