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The newspaper deliverer usually comes before the postman and is happy when he can deposit his goods, i.e. the newspapers, in the right place.

Newspapers in particular often have a size that is not suitable for conventional mailboxes. They are then stuffed in, get creases, tears or are difficult to remove from the mailbox. Sometimes they are thrown on the ground and get wet in the event of rain.

The newspaper holder is intended either as a supplement or as an elegant accessory to your mailbox.

The newspaper holder can either be mounted directly beneath the mailbox or separately somewhere else. The mounting material is included in the delivery.

You can prevent all of this with your own newspaper compartment or newspaper holder. The perfect place for your morning newspaper. Have fun while reading!

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A newspaper holder is no longer uncommon these days. More and more people appreciate it when the morning newspaper is dry and clean at the table next to breakfast. Or if the brochures that deliverers deliver are not stuffed into the mailbox, but conveniently placed in the newspaper roll.

It is the ideal place for newspapers or brochures. The postman / delivery person only needs to insert the newspaper / brochures from the side and you can take them out again when the time is right. All of the material stays dry and clean.

There are two types of newspaper rolls. Either it is already integrated into the mailbox or it is mounted next to it. Many customers appreciate a set because then everything fits together right from the start.

But it is also no problem to retrofit a newspaper roll made of steel or stainless steel. In most cases, the shape of the newspaper rolls goes perfectly with the letterboxes; there are also special series that are precisely coordinated with one another.

With us you will discover newspaper holders made of steel or stainless steel so that you can find the right choice for your mailbox. A newspaper holders made of steel is a little cheaper than one made of stainless steel.

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Also take a look at our mailboxes with integrated newspaper holders!

Whether made by hand, with a touch of nostalgia or in a modern design - with the large selection of newspaper holders there is definitely the right one for you!

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