Ensure your home or commercial space has the finest security possible with our selection of safes for sale.

We have a wide range of commercial safes, home safes, fireproof safes and hidden safes that can be stored under flooring for added security. Our years of experience in the security industry means we are able to provide a personal level of customer service to suggest solutions for all your security issues. Whether you need a speciality item such as police approved gun safe or something simple but sturdy for storing your most precious items, our experts are available to provide help and support.

Secure what matters most

How safe are the most important documents, jewellery, and memories in your life?

There are many things that are special for sentimental reasons, while other documents and items for safekeeping are simply too important to misplace or have stolen. With a safe in your office and/or home, you can give the things the matter an added layer of security. For example, the loss of emergency cash, passports, birth certificates, wills, photographs, or family valuables and heirlooms can be absolutely devastating. When it comes to keeping these and other items locked away in safety, we can help.

With Safes.co.uk, you can shop a wide range of products to discover something that matches your needs and fits your budget, all while taking advantage of our superior customer service. 

Why choose Safes.co.uk?

Safes.co.uk is one of the UK’s foremost providers of safety solutions to both commercial and residential customers.

Our story began in 2010 when Colin Plested founded The Littlesafe Company, a retailer specialising in selling hotel safes directly to small boutique hotels. As word spread, many customers from other commercial sectors and even homeowners began to show interest in our products, leading us to rethink our strategy and expand. We started life as a reseller, selling products such as Rottner Security Austria to customers in the UK online and via our Safe Showroom in West Bromwich. To offer our customers even more, we launched our own brand, Pro First, in 2016. We now carry a wide range of safes,fire-safes , deposit boxes, key security products and key cabinets that are ready for rapid distribution. We stock over 500 safes from a range of suppliers, including Yale and Chubbsafes, along with our own line of Pro First safety products. Most products are available to ship directly from our own warehouse the next day, so you can receive your safety goods sooner.

Discover our range of safes for sale today

When it comes to finding safes for sale, UK businesses, individuals and families seeking extra security and peace of mind can benefit from shopping our range.

Our security products are delivered quickly to addresses throughout the UK, so you don’t have to wait to receive the quality safes you need for the things that matter most. We understand that in life, some things are simply irreplaceable, which is why we offer such a vast range of products at great value. You can find something that suits your needs to put your mind at ease, knowing that your most valuable possessions are kept in a safe place.

For security, privacy and protection, choose Safes.co.uk. To find out more, visit our safe warehouse in Dudley (Buckley Services, Shaw Rd, DY2 8RS) or click here to contact us today.