Find the right outdoor key safe with us.

  • Perfect for keeping keys tidy
  • Optimal overview of the keys
  • Suitable for private and commercial use

Take a look and discover our outdoor kay safe range.

Ideally located on the outside of a property enabling easy entry for care workers, cleaners, workmen or children.

Your spare house key can be stored securely – for home, holiday-let, office or for emergency use.

Outdoor key safes for storing a spare key for the use of carers and nurses when visiting the elderly or disabled and for clients visiting holiday and rental cottages or villas and for children to gain access to their homes.

We offer for every need the right key safe, emergency key box or key cabinet.

We offer you insurance-compatible key storage with individual security levels that meet your personal needs. Convince yourself of our versatile and high quality key safe and products from the key storage range.

We can't find products matching the selection.

You should definitely ask yourself this question before buying. Of course, we would be happy to advise you in this regard if you need help or individually tailored solutions.

Here you have to be clear about the nature of the wall, which type of insulation is used, how thick is the insulation - many questions that need to be considered. The key safes must be weatherproof and are usually provided with drill holes on the back through which the key safe is attached to the wall with screws/dowels.

Once the key box is mounted on the wall, it can no longer be stolen. If you are unsure, please ask the specialist! The sooner something is clarified or misunderstandings are eliminated, the better it is. Save time, nerves and costs.

Many keys ensure a considerable weight. Use the correct fastening material, suitable wall plugs and/or screws.

Pay attention to the condition of the floor, should / must the key cabinet be walled in, etc. - feel free to ask your questions, we will offer you the right answers!

Of course, this is the question of all questions anyway, otherwise you would not have decided on a key safe. It makes a big difference whether you need an emergency key box or an extremely large key safe for hundreds of employees! Those who have the choice are spoiled for choice - this is no different with the key organization either. Think carefully and calmly before you make your decision.


  • Private individuals
  • Caregivers - gardeners, cleaning staff
  • Property management
  • Nursing staff
  • Emergency services - rescue, fire brigade, police
  • Employees, employees
  • Others
  • Once you have clarified this question, the next one arises.
  • one
  • few
  • many

We attach great importance to offering our customers the best possible solutions. You can only want to keep one key safe, 50 or several thousand keys.

Choose from our key storage systems. The small practical key box or the huge key safe that has to be properly anchored. In any case, you will never want to do without your professional key management again, because it only brings advantages.


Note - your keys will never run out either! It's better to choose a size larger than too small. Spare keys for the house, cellar, garden shed, garden gate, holiday apartment, spare keys for cars (your children still live with you and are suddenly car owners), etc. You can think of many other keys that you would like to keep safe.

No more mess, no more keys in any place where no one left them. From now on, all keys are in one place, no one is lost or misplaced!


You never know which employee has which key? Where is one or the other key currently in circulation?

Then it is high time for a key safe. The keys are attached to hooks and you can see immediately which key is not in the key box or who has not returned it. Organized key management that should not be missing in any company! Order is half the battle - even with organized key storage!

Key depots are a must-have in:

  • Car dealerships
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Companies with many employees who need keys for storage rooms, offices, etc.