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Floor Safes

Floor Safes can be used to store a range different documents, collectables and valuables. Under floor safes offer extra security as they are designed to be installed under a floor and encased in concrete.

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  1. Pro First £2,000 Cash Rated Door Blue - 9" Underfloor Safe FREE REINFORCING KIT

    The Pro First 2K Rated Underfloor Safe with 9 Inch Body is an exclusive product from us at Safes.co.uk. These Safes are designed to offer a high level of security and protect items of value such as cash and valuables. This 9 inch Underfloor Safe can be set in the floor or beneath furniture to keep hidden from would be burglars. Available in various sizes with square and round doors.  

  2. Arregui Grid Key Lock - £1,000 Cash Rated Floor Safe

    The Grid Wall Safe is designed to be camouflaged behind a false air vent which is then attached to the front of the Safe. The Safe can easily be hidden in any corner of the house or building and offers a dimple operating system for securing the safe.

  3. Arregui Basa Electronic Lock - £1,000 Cash Rated Floor Safe

    The Basa Floor Safe is ideal to be hidden in the base of Wardrobes, this will conceal your precious items from would-be thieves. The High Security Electronic Lock should be between 3-6 digits long and has a hidden emergency lock directly above the door. This Safe is perfect for storing folders and other small items.

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3 Item(s)