Find the right home safe with safes.co.uk and make your home safer.

Our home safes are compact and extremely safe. In addition, their space-saving design and size allow them to perfectly blend in. We understand that in life, some things are simply irreplaceable, which is why we offer such a vast range of home safe products at great value.

For a detailed consultation on home safes, you can also contact our competent staff, the safes.co.uk  team is here to answer your questions.

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  1. Rottner Furniture Safe Solution Premium Electronic Lock Anthracite
    incl. VAT & free shipping
    14 - 18 weeks delivery time
  2. Rottner Furniture Safe Trendy 4 Electronic Lock Anthracite
    incl. VAT & free shipping
    Immediately available, delivery time 1-3 working days
  3. Rottner Furniture Safe Home Star 1 Key Lock Anthracite
    incl. VAT & free shipping
    Immediately available, delivery time 1-3 working days
  4. Rottner Furniture Safe Home Star 1 Electronic Lock Anthracite
    incl. VAT & free shipping
    Immediately available, delivery time 1-3 working days
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Particularly small items, such as Jewelry, watches, coins, cash boxes or other valuables can easily be stowed away. You have all your valuables in one place and no longer have to hide your grandfather's watches under the bed or the hereditary jewelry under the mattress! Treat yourself and your valuables to the right protection, don't skimp on the security you need! At Safes.co.uk you will find a large selection of home safes, in different sizes and security levels at a fair price / performance ratio. Let us advise you, make your choice and the delivery will come to you soon.

Even if there is little space - or especially if the room is small - the right piece of furniture can be found for installation. Safety containers under 1000 kg must be anchored! We offer you a wide range of safety items. Choose from the large range and delivery is on the way to your home.

Have you found the right place for the install? Then nothing stands in the way of installation.

Our tip: Find a place that is not immediately visible to everyone. In addition, this place should be protected from temperature variation and moisture - so do not install the safe in the bathroom. Electronic locks in particular are sensitive to unsuitable temperatures.

 Also pay attention to the load-bearing capacity of the base plate. Even if the home safes are light in weight, the above should be checked.

In the case of safes with high security levels, the required assembly material is included. You are also only allowed to use the fixing material provided so that insurance cover is guaranteed. If you provide the fastening material yourself, clarify with the insurance company in advance. Before choosing substandard material and then not getting the success you want, consult with the professional.

In many cases, there are pre-drilled holes on the rear wall of the safe, which must be drilled through. Since each model has to be handled differently, follow the assembly instructions or seek advice from a specialist. Use the provided mounting material. If you use other material, please contact your insurance company prior to installation in order not to lose insurance cover.

Of course, it is your decision which security level you choose. The higher the security level, the better insured your home safe is.

You can choose from these security levels:

Safes without security classification / resistance grade

  • "A" according to VDMA 24992, as of May 1995
  • S1 according to EN 14450
  • B according to VDMA 24992 as of May 1995
  • Class EN 0 according to CSN EN1143-1 SZUCZ
  • Class EN 1 according to CSN EN 1143-1 SZUCZ
  • I according to EN 1143-1 Vds class I ECB-S EN-1
  • II according to EN 1143-1 Vds class II ECB-S EN-2
  • III according to EN 1143-1 Vds class III ECB-S EN-3, VSÖ EN-3
  • IV according to EN 1143-1 Vds class IV ECB-S EN-4, VSÖ EN-4
  • V according to EN 1143-1 Vds class V.
  • V according to EN 1143-1 Vds class V KB
  • Class EN 2
  • Class EN 3
  • Class EN 4
  • Class S1
  • Class S2
  • VDMA 'B'

Our tip: In any case, we advise you to speak to your insurance advisor to clarify which locker is suitable for which sum insured.

The BEST does not exist; there is always only the most suitable home safe for our customers. A technical discussion is therefore good advice, as the specialist has many years of experience and can advise customers individually. Every customer has a different living room, different furniture and different requirements that need to be questioned.

Think about what really matters to you.

  • Theft protection
  • Protection from fire and water
  • Both, of course

Choose the right product; we will be happy to advise you on the selection of the security level.

This question arises with all safes, including of course HOME safes. Everyone prefers something different. Basically, you can choose from four types of lock:

  • The double-bitted key lock - this is the simplest way to secure the wall safe - you cannot forget the code - because there isn’t one! Two keys are supplied with the lock - please note that the keys must be stored in such a way that they are protected against unauthorized access. Due to the key storage clause or the high risk of theft, insurance companies recommend a mechanical combination or electronic lock.
  • The mechanical combination lock does not require any type of power supply. The change of the secret number combination is possible anytime (only the safe owner can change the code). The safe owner does not need a key and therefore has no risk of loss.
  • The electronic lock: this is currently the most common option to secure the safe. An electronic lock is a convenient option and it is easy to use. It should be noted here that the lock works with batteries and these need changing occasionally. If the batteries fail, the lock can be supplied with power from the outside. The secret number combination can be changed as often as you like.
  • Fingerprint lock: easy opening only with finger pressure. Forgetting codes or combinations of numbers does not matter anymore. Even losing or losing keys is a thing of the past. 60 different fingerprint sets can be stored.

Tip: weigh the pros and cons of the 4 different types of locks. We are sure you will find the right lock for your home safe with us.

Maybe you thought about it too. You can find more information on the subject of wall safes on our wall safes page.

The wall safe is walled in and should be taken into account when building the house, walling regulations must be observed. A later installation is associated with effort and dirt.

You can integrate a home safe into a chosen piece of furniture at any time.

Safes.co.uk relies on its suppliers and renowned manufacturers of security products. Many years of good cooperation are evidence of this. Manufacturers are e.g. Rottner Tresor, Home Design, Format Tresore, ProFirst, Phoenix Safe, Planetstar, Sistec, ISS - Inter Sicherheits Service and Sentry. Quality, safety and trust count!

Well-known other safe manufacturers: Burg Wächter, Hartmann Tresore, Eisenbach.