Keep your important documents in one secure place with a business or office safe from

Having compact & space saving design some of our business safes can be accommodated in pieces of furniture. Whether you need to store vital documents kept on digital support or paper files we have the right solution for you.

Buy your reliable business safe today to protect your most valuable documents

High-quality refractory materials ensure with certainty that the interior content will not become "too hot" for your contracts, certificates, valuables etc. Protect your contracts, important documents, etc. with a fireproof business safe. To suit the needs of individuals or large corporations our business safes can be ordered with both key lock and electronic lock.

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  1. Rottner Fireproof Document Wallet A4 Size Velcro
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    Immediately available, delivery time 1-3 working days
  2. Rottner Steel Cabinet Office 3 Premium Key Lock Light Gray
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The document safe can and will hold your most important documents

  • Destruction by fire / water
  • Burglary
  • Protection from both

Your documents in perfect order

Your documents and valuables are protected from being destroyed by fire – fire resistance temperature of over 1000 degrees for a period of 120 minutes. Water and extinguishing foam are also kept away. Protection against break-ins is guaranteed and, last but not least, the document or filing cabinet gives you a clear organization of your documents. They are all safely stored in one place, and the annoying search in different places is over! A safe place where you can archive your documents.

You haven't had one before and think you don't need one either? We tell you why you should choose an office safe.


If family documents, contracts, passports or deeds become a victim of flames, some of them are sometimes irretrievable.

A new passport can be made; various documents can be re-applied for from the municipality. But there are also documents that may not be stored anywhere else. Papers from abroad, for example, valuable paper documents from times when there were no storage options, etc. In addition, the new application is certainly associated with costs and time, probably also with the loss of valuable nerves!

Not to forget personal recordings, photos, documents - only you have them!


Also, or especially in a company, there are many contracts, enough still in paper form. Work orders, invoices, rental agreements, files, business cases, employee contracts, etc. are safely and clearly locked in the office safe.

Take your time to think about how big the document safe should be. Experience has shown that paper does not shrink. So please choose one size larger, you will not regret it.

Single-walled or double-walled construction, fire protection, burglary protection - do not torment yourself with all these questions.

Our specialist staff will be happy to answer your questions.

There are of course different security levels for document cabinets, below is a brief overview of the security levels:

  • Safes without security classification / resistance grade
  • "A" according to VDMA 24992, as of May 1995
  • S1 according to EN 14450
  • B according to VDMA 24992 as of May 1995
  • Class EN 0 according to CSN EN1143-1 SZUCZ
  • Class EN 1 according to CSN EN 1143-1 SZUCZ
  • I according to EN 1143-1 Vds class I ECB-S EN-1
  • II according to EN 1143-1 Vds class II ECB-S EN-2
  • III according to EN 1143-1 Vds class III ECB-S EN-3, VSÖ EN-3
  • IV according to EN 1143-1 Vds class IV ECB-S EN-4, VSÖ EN-4
  • V according to EN 1143-1 Vds class V.
  • V according to EN 1143-1 Vds class V KB
  • Class EN 2
  • Class EN 3
  • Class EN 4
  • Class S1
  • Class S2
  • VDMA 'B'

As we said, take advantage of our advice. We individually select the office safe that is suitable for you, with exactly the requirements that you would like to have. Contact us, we are happy to be here for you.

  • The double-bitted key lock

You unlock your office safe with one key and get a second one. You cannot forget a code, but you can lose a key.

  • Mechanical combination lock - often used

You can safely forget about electricity and batteries, you cannot lose keys, but you have to remember your PIN!

  • The popular electronic lock

The electronic lock is very popular and works with batteries. There will be a battery change, but it is easy to do. In the event of a battery failure, an emergency power supply ensures that the safe is opened. The code can be changed as required.

  • Fingerprint lock

Opening by fingerprint is no longer a vision of the future, but is also finding its way into the world of safes. 60 fingerprint sets can be stored. You can forget numbers and lose keys - nothing is necessary with this lock variant!

If you have your own office (private area) then this is the place. Otherwise, we recommend a place that is easily accessible, but not necessarily immediately eye-catching.

Through many years of good cooperation, has built up a trustworthy network of suppliers and manufacturers, whom we will continue to trust in the future. You will find manufacturers / suppliers such as Rottner Tresor, Format Tresore, Profirst, Phoenix Safe, Planetstar, Sistec, ISS - Inter Sicherheits Service or Sentry with us.

You may also be familiar with these safe providers: Burg Wächter, Hartmann Tresore, Eisenbach