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At you will find a wide range of high security safes.

They are tested and certified by European testing houses and also approved by the Association of Insurance Surveyors (AiS). The safes assure optimal protection for valuables suitable for commercial use.

Protect your valuables with exclusive certified burglary protection safes

We offer a wide range of burglar-proof and / or fire-proof safes from various manufacturers. The high quality and the different safety classes meet the highest demands. Safes are considered to be particularly secure and are ideal depositors of cash, documents, jewelry, watches, and more. Find here your suitable AiS approved safe.

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The safes are approved by UK insurance brokers, and present the optimal level of security for your valuables. Insurance approved safes have been tested independently to standards set by the AiS.

You know when you purchase an AiS Approved safe that you’re buying a product that’s been approved as secure by an authoritative source, so you don’t just have to take our word for it.

The Association of Insurance Surveyors (AiS) are the UK’s leading accreditation body for the approval of safes and more. They assess security companies and their products for the purposes of the insurance industry. Their work aim is to improve the standards of protection against insurance risks, such as theft, and they issue respected best practice guidelines for risk surveying and consultancy. Here at, we offer the AiS Approved Safes in several variations, including a choice of cash ratings. Whether you’re looking for an AiS Approved Safe with a cash rating of £1,000 or a rating of £4,000, they are each certified to Eurograde standard.

The AiS Approved Safe is available to purchase online at in a choice of cash ratings, ranging from £6,000 to £150,000. Explore the sizes and styles in the Approved Safes that we have available today to choose the safe with the capacity and the level of security that you need. These AiS Approved Safes feature various locking mechanisms from simple key safes to electronic lock safes and the latest biometric safes, which scan fingerprints to lock and unlock. The AiS Approved Safe has the stamp of approval by the UK Association of Insurance Surveys which makes it suitable for various industries and environments. You’ll find the Approved Safes in a wide range of leading brands, including Rottner, Chubb safes and Phoenix (some of which are available for a reduced price!)

The question of the ideal lock can only be answered individually. The following overview of the different lock types gives general information.


There are three different lock types:


  • The double-bitted key lock - this is the simplest way to secure the wall safe - you cannot forget the code - because there isn’t one! Two keys are supplied with the lock - please note that the keys must be stored in such a way that they are protected against unauthorized access. Due to the key storage clause or the high risk of theft, insurance companies recommend a mechanical combination or electronic lock.


  • The mechanical combination lock does not require any type of power supply. The change of the secret number combination is possible anytime (only the safe owner can change the code). The safe owner does not need a key and therefore has no risk of loss.


  • The electronic lock: this is currently the most common option to secure the safe. An electronic lock is a convenient option and it is easy to use. It should be noted here that the lock works with batteries and these need changing occasionally. If the batteries fail, the lock can be supplied with power from the outside. The secret number combination can be changed as often as you like.