Created to protect your most valuable belongings, our collection of safes is designed to be stronger, safer, easier to use and hard to break. Whether you wish to keep your passports, birth certificates, documents, cards, money or keys, a safe is the ideal place to store irreplaceable goods. The versatile assortment ranges from AIS approved safes, fire safes, gun safes, wall safes, deposit safes, to office and laptop safes to that will suit the different dimensional and safety needs of your property. The products are quality controlled and verified in approved laboratories and certified in accordance with European regulations against burglary and fire protection. Protect your documents and valuables! Created to protect your valuable business assets, professional anti-burglaries are characterized by meeting the requirements of the European standard EN 1143-1.

The main focus on the market is to satisfy our clients by providing the highest standards of quality, and professionalism.
Our team of professionals is ready to help you in choosing the right safe whether it’s a AIS approved safe, fire safe, gun safe, wall safe, deposit safe, office or laptop safe. Here you will surely find the right answer for every question!

Fire Safes

  • Fireproof storage of valuables
  • For private and commercial use

If protection against fire is crucial when choosing your safe, then you should make sure that the safe is fireproof - that is the most important requirement.

High-quality fireproof materials ensure that your contracts, documents, valuables etc. do not get "too hot". Protect your contracts, certificates, documents, etc. with a fireproof safe so that nothing is lost in the event of fire outbreak.

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Furniture Safes

  • Compact & space-saving
  • Internal hinges
  • Can be placed in furniture
  • Protection of private valuables

Due to the special construction, furniture safes are integrated into a piece of furniture - usually a cupboard or a table - and cannot be removed due to the anchoring.

The furniture safe is particularly suitable for small items, such as Jewelry, watches, coins, cash boxes or the like. No more loose valuables in various boxes and desks. You can still find your valuables in their usual place, but safely stowed in a furniture safe, which guarantees a high level of additional security protection and is also space-saving.

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High Security Safes

  • Certified burglary protection
  • For commercial use
  • Optimal protection for valuables

Safes can be individually adapted to your needs - you choose between security levels, classes and degrees of resistance - and reliably provide burglar-proof and fire-proof protection. The excellent price-performance ratio means that a safe should definitely find space in your own four walls, because there are certainly enough things that are worth protecting. Conclusion: No more savings under the mattress, but safe storage of all valuable items in the safe!

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Wall Safes

  • Are built into the wall
  • Can be hidden behind paintings
  • Protection for valuables
  • Observe installation regulations

When building your own home, you should think of the necessary burglar protection, this saves time and money. Of course, wall safes can also be installed at a later point in time. They are inconspicuously integrated into the wall to save space. Wall safes must be surrounded by a concrete jacket 100 mm thick to ensure optimum protection.

Wall safes come in many different sizes and several security levels. Another advantage is that they cannot be transported away either.

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Deposit Safes 

  • Throwing in valuables without opening
  • Insertion slot prevents unauthorized removal
  • Quick removal by authorized persons
  • Ideal for gas stations or companies with shift work 

In the city, the daily visit to a bank to hand over cash receipts is usually not a problem; in the country side it is different. Since a till only offers minimal protection for your cash or important receipts, it is advisable to purchase a deposit or drop-in safe. As the name suggests - the money, receipts or other items are thrown in by the employees through a slot / flap. This means that only a draft is possible, but no extraction. Only authorized persons have a key and can take money or valuables elsewhere. Since the receipts/valuables are stored, i.e. deposited, one speaks of a deposit safe.

A deposit safe also serves the security of your staff, as they do not have to travel long distances with large amounts of money.

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Hotel Safes

  • easy handling
  • compact & space-saving
  • can be placed in furniture
  • ideal for hotels

Hotel safes are easy to use and protect against unauthorized access. The code is chosen individually by the guest and can be changed at any time. The safe can be opened and closed without personnel. This is no longer responsible for the valuables, as was often the case in the past. The safe can be opened with an emergency key and master code if a guest has forgotten their code.

Since hotel safes are securely anchored - walled in or permanently installed - they cannot simply be transported away.

Choose the perfect hotel safe from our range - we will be happy to advise you on different sizes and security levels.

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Business & Office Safes

  • Perfect for storing contracts & passports
  • Highest level of security
  • For private and commercial use

The reissue of a birth or marriage certificate, passport, citizenship certificates, etc. at registry offices and authorities is very tedious, annoying and often expensive. It becomes extremely difficult when e.g. essential documents from abroad get lost. These papers do not belong in the desk drawer or in a folder but rather in a document safe. All documents that have an emotional value (drawings, references, certificates ...) should also be located there, as they are really irretrievable. An office safe provides reliable protection against fire, heat and moisture and offers the necessary space to archive your papers. You have all the documents at your fingertips, a clear organization and the annoying search in different places is finally an end. Summary: A business safe belongs in every household!

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