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Our company offers a wide range of mailboxes to meet the most demanding customer requirements. Although we live in the electronic age we still need and find our mailboxes useful.

Choose and you will discover a professional partner, ready to offer you the best quality products at the best prices.

Whether it’s a modern stainless steel mailbox, a mailbox with newspaper compartment, apartment module, parcel keeper, fancy design letterbox or maybe an American mailbox with the matching letterbox stand: we have a suitable solution for every need and every pocket.

In addition, we offer a large selection of letterboxes in a variety of designs and colors, such as anthracite, white, green, red, black, brown and gray, for every taste and budget.

The offer ranges from high-quality top models made by brand manufacturers, to the best price-performance ratio of our private label mailboxes.

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  1. Rottner Mailbox Brighton Cylinder Lock
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  2. Rottner Mailbox Ashford Cylinder Lock
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    Immediately available, delivery time 1-3 working days
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Many homeowners choose a steel letterbox, and not without reason.


  • Weatherproof
  • Galvanized and coated
  • High quality processed
  • Visually appealing
  • Suitable for mailbox systems
  • Price and performance are right

A house's post box is immediately noticeable, so it deserves the right attention.

Tip: If the mailbox is in an area protected from the weather, it will last even longer, especially the colors stay fresher.

A version with a viewing window is particularly practical. You save yourself opening the mailbox and checking whether you have received mail, because you can already see through the viewing window whether there is anything in the mailbox.

A name tag gives your steel letterbox a personal touch. It belongs to me like the name on the door - the mailbox! You will also make it easier for the postman / deliverer to deliver the mail. He is immediately sure that he has landed with the right owner and the likelihood of confusion is significantly reduced.

An inexpensive steel mailbox with a window and name tag is, for example, the Postale Grau from Rottner. You have an optimal view of whether there is mail in the mailbox, as there are three viewing windows on the front.

If you receive a lot of parcels, why not opt ​​for a parcel post box? With the manufacturer Flexbox (Link), Briefkastenshop24 brings color into (mailbox) life. Not only gray or black, but also red, blue or green are available here for your mailbox.

  • Rottner Tresor
  • Profirst
  • Keilbach
  • Knobloch
  • Serafini
  • Heibi
  • Allux

We can recommend these manufacturers because we have had them in our range for years and they convince with their quality and design.

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