The purchase of a parcel letterbox solves the problem we have all faced: you pop out of the house for five minutes, and while you are out, you miss your delivery. You either have to take the card and go to the post office (which is only opened at certain times). Or you walk from one neighbour to the next hoping that your parcel has been delivered elsewhere.

If you buy a package mailbox, the problem is solved.

Relax. Save the trip to the next mail collection point with a parcel keeper from Buy your parcel keeper today!

Any packages that do not require a signature can be dropped like a letter and arrive safely and securely. Our range of parcel keepers can take delivery of large letters, newspapers, parcels - all into the parcel post box.

Buying a parcel keeper will protect your mail from - water, damage and theft until you return home from work or holiday.

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The parcel is delivered just like a letter and is stored safely and securely. Letters, newspapers, parcels - all find security in the parcel post box. One for all - safe from moisture, damage and theft. Due to its large capacity, there are no more torn corners, creasing or other damage.

Fixing is quick and easy, just l like any mailbox, either on a wall or free-standing on a mailbox stand.

Helps with Covid protection as no contact with the delivery person is needed. 

Delivery companies and Royal mail now use using parcels boxes regularly as a way of quickly delivering your larger items of the post without you needing you to be home or even come to the door. A parcel mailbox is like a normal mailbox but can take your larger items of post. giving you the option to collect all your items at the same using gloves and then disinfect, giving you another tool to help protect you from infection. 

Everyone can buy their own parcel mailbox. It is not necessary to participate in the DHL pilot test. A parcel mailbox is like a normal mailbox.

Consignments of parcels and packages are delivered just like letters. Our specially designed delivery hatch prevents packages that have been delivered from being removed again.

Our range includes different sizes and parcel capacity so you can choose the parcel box that best suits your needs. All our parcel keepers are supplied with 2 security keys that allow access to collect your post. The parcels box contents, once delivered, can only be removed using the key. Reaching in and removing the parcel via the deliver door is not possible. Unauthorised persons cannot get to parcels! 

At, you will find a large range of parcel mailboxes from the following manufacturers:

You can choose between large and smaller models, from products made of steel or galvanised sheet steel.

Our Parcel boxes look good and can valuable time and inconvenience in these days of online shopping more and more homeowners are finding a parcel delivery system invaluable.

At  you will find parcel mailboxes from the following manufacturers:

  • Allux
  • Biohort
  • Flexbox
  • Heibi
  • Rottner safe
  • Profirst

You choose between large and smaller models, from products made of steel or galvanized sheet steel.

Parcel boxes also have an appealing look. Your big advantage is the large capacity.

Included in the range are parcel boxes that can be mounted on a home or office wall, a fence, a level floor, or a mailbox stand. Just make sure that the parcel mailbox is on your property and is freely accessible.

Assembly and fixing are quick and easy.


The Rottner mailbox adapter is optional and allows you to fix certain parcel boxes and our US-style mailbox to a fence or pole. 

We are always happy to help and advise you on the type of parcel box to buy and how to install it securely. 

Have you decided? Then we hope you enjoy your parcel letterbox or your parcel box from!