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The purchase of a parcel letterbox is the solution to a problem everyone knows: you're out of the house for five minutes and then comes the messenger. You either have to take the slip they have inserted, go to the post office (which is only opened at certain times) and pick up your package. Or you walk from one neighbor to the next in the hope that your parcel has landed somewhere.

If you buy a package mailbox, you can forget about this concern.

Save the way to the next post office with a parcel post box! Buy your parcel keeper today!

The package will be dropped like a letter and will arrive safely and protected. Letters, newspapers, parcels - all find their home in the parcel post box. Buying a parcel keeper will protect your mail from - moisture, dirt and foreign access.

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The package is thrown in like a letter and arrives at your place safely and securely. Letters, newspapers, parcels - all find their home in the parcel post box. One for all - safe from moisture, dirt and unauthorized access. Due to its spaciousness, there are no more torn corners, creasing or other damage.

The assembly is carried out like with a normal mailbox, either on the house or free-standing on a mailbox stand.

Everyone can buy their own parcel mailbox. It is not necessary to participate in the DHL pilot test. A parcel mailbox is like a normal mailbox.

The consignments of goods and packages are thrown in like letters. A throw-in device prevents packages that have been thrown in from being removed again.

It depends on the storage space how many parcels / shipments can fit in. The recipient has a key (plus another one in case one is lost or a roommate gets one) with which he can open the cylinder lock. The parcels / shipments can only be removed with a key, reaching in and out is not possible. Unauthorized persons cannot get to the package!

At  you will find parcel mailboxes from the following manufacturers:

  • Allux
  • Biohort
  • Flexbox
  • Heibi
  • Rottner safe
  • Profirst

You choose between large and smaller models, from products made of steel or galvanized sheet steel.

Parcel boxes also have an appealing look. Your big advantage is the large capacity.

The parcel mailbox can be mounted on the house, on the fence or on a mailbox stand. Make sure that the parcel mailbox is on your property and is freely accessible.

It can be easily assembled with the assembly material / drilling template.

Adapter from Rottner Tresor.

This allows you to mount the mailbox on the garden fence or on the mailbox stand. The adapter is delivered without a mailbox. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.

Have you decided? Then we hope you enjoy your parcel letterbox or your parcel box from!