Whether you are looking to purchase a steel mailbox, stainless steel mailbox, US mailbox, Swiss mailbox, parcel boxes or fireproof letterbox bags and wallets, here at we will be able to offer a suitable solution for every need and find the right letterbox for you.

In addition, we offer a large selection of post boxes in a variety of designs and colors, such as anthracite mailboxes, white letterboxes, green post boxes, red mailboxes, black postboxes, brown letterboxes and gray post boxes.

Buy your postbox today and find the post box for every taste and budget.

The offer ranges from high-quality top models of brand manufacturers, to the budget mailboxes.

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A mailbox is used for the safe storage of mail. One distinguishes between mailboxes that are used to send mail, and house post box that are there for the safe acceptance of mail.

At you will find a large selection of house letterbox for receiving your private mail. Remember: It is the homeowner's responsibility to set up a freely accessible mailbox with a storage compartment. There are a few things to consider when buying a post box.

A house postbox or private letter box is a mailbox attached to or in the house, which is intended to make it easier for the postman to deliver letters, postcards or other mail to the recipient.

Big choices

Mailboxes are in many sizes, shapes and colors. Popular materials are stainless steel and steel, but also plastic, wood, concrete and glass. We have created special categories for you so that you can get an idea of ​​them. Visit us on the pages for:

We are sure that there is exactly the letterbox you want!

The mailbox can be mounted

  • on the house wall,
  • on the fence or
  • on a letterbox stand on the property front
  • Insertion slot on the front door
  • Postboxes that are set into the outer wall of the private home
  • Mailbox systems in the hallway of apartment buildings

It is not uncommon to see overcrowded slots on front doors, the mail then ends up on the possibly dirty floor and the overall appearance does not necessarily look good. A decent letterbox makes a much better impression.

One and two family houses, terraced houses, groups of houses

Mailboxes or mailbox systems should be easily accessible at all times for deliverers and recipients and placed within easy reach. The property line at the entrance to the house or group of houses is an ideal location. Select the place here that is closest to the road used by the delivery service.

In an apartment building with more than two households, it is not always possible to set up a mailbox system on the property line. The postbox can be placed in the entrance area. However, they must be freely accessible and should not be behind a locked entrance door. A well-lit place next to the doorbells is advisable.

  • The mailbox should be made of a weatherproof material.
  • Locks and hinges in particular should be made of corrosion-resistant material.
  • The letter slot should open inwards in weatherproof letterboxes.
  • Outside, an outward-opening flap protects against rain and moisture. When setting up, make sure that the opening does not point to the weather side.
  • The name should be clearly visible on the letterbox - choose a postbox with a name tag. You can also request a name badge from us at a later date.
  • If you have a post box with a viewing window, you can immediately see whether you have received mail and you do not need to open the mail box.
  • If you often receive parcels and larger shipments, you should consider a mailbox with a parcel compartment (e.g. Parcelkeeper)

Newspaper holders and letter boxes with a newspaper compartment are suitable for newspaper subscribers.