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Fireproof Letterbox Bags / Wallets

Our fireproof letterbox bags are a unique alternative to traditional mailboxes which protect against both arson and theft.

The Homeguard and Homeguard + models each provide outstanding fire protection, and the bags keep your mail safe from children and pets in the house. 

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  1. Homeguard Fireproof Letterbox Bag

    A letterbox is a necessary evil - You need it to receive mail but it can leave your property vulnerable to criminals, vandals and anti-social behaviour. Most solutions to this problem are large, unsightly metal boxes which can obstruct the door from fully opening and resulting in large items of post being bent, damaged or just left outside.

    The HomeGuard is an effective, elegant solution to this problem, its patented design allows all types of mail to be accepted and significantly improves the security of your property. Its special fire retardant, self-extinguishing fabric can also contain small fires.

    Manufactured from the highest quality materials, HomeGuard can be fitted to almost any door in a matter of minutes.

  2. Blazepak Fire Wallet - Fireproof UK Document Bag

    Ensure the safety of your vital documents
    Blazepak is the first document protection product to be made available to everyday homeowners like you and I. We all possess items of great personal importance such as heirlooms and vital documents that we wish to protect from the devastating effects of fire.

    Portable, lightweight, compact and versatile
    Weighing just 900gms the Blazepak Fire Resistant Wallet can be stored almost anywhere providing a quick and easy way to organise, protect and prolong the life of your most personal belongings and precious memories.

    Fire resistant up to 400 degrees
    Developed in the United Kingdom, and scientifically tested to withstand most domestic house fires, the aluminised skin reflects heat away whilst the clever design forms a tight seal – minimising the chances of fire ever reaching the contents.

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