Sometimes the traditional approach is best. Quite a few of us still prefer to unlock their safe or key cabinet the old fashioned way.

We offer key security solutions with capacities as low as 50 keys or as high as 300 keys. Larger models feature foldable doors to save space when the safe is open. All of our key locking models are perfect for wall mounting, and each qualifies for free delivery to any address in the mainland UK.

Convince yourself of the high quality of our key storage units! Buy your key safe today

Depending on the number of keys, you will find the right key cabinet at

At you will find a wide selection of high quality fire and burglar proof key cabinets. With a key safe from you can always go through life well organized.

These key cabinets not only impress being top quality, but are also available in a variety of models and colors - and at incredible prices!

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The key cabinet is a lockable container, usually made of iron, sheet metal or steel. You can store your keys in it and have them all in one place. You can either lock it with a key or opt for a combination lock. The keys are attached to hook rails / hooks. Normally these are height adjustable.

You decide who has access to the keys. One person, several - e.g. Nursing staff, property management, cleaning staff, etc. Your keys are clearly arranged, everything is where it should be. No more searching in different places!


If you have a large number of keys, a key cabinet is recommended. If you only have a few, a practical key box is sufficient for your private use. Of course, the choice is yours.


Large companies will not get by with a key cassette and will therefore fall back on a key cabinet. The robust key safes are particularly suitable for this. Opt for perfect key management - you will be rewarded with perfect storage and order!

Key cabinets are suitable for:

  • Car dealerships, etc.
  • Gastronomy / hotel businesses
  • Various offices
  • Large companies

If you are not sure, please contact us. Many years of experience help with decision-making. Choose between.


Outside you need a weatherproof key cabinet - wind, rain, snow, sun - you don't need to take these factors into account when installing inside. What does your wall look like? Is there any thermal insulation? The key safe is attached with dowels. A lock version with a key is recommended. An electronic lock is not particularly suitable due to the weather.


Weather conditions do not affect your key cabinet if it is inside the house. You can also use an electronic lock here, but this depends on the power supply.


Have you ever thought that many keys are quite heavy? Use the correct fasteners. Your key cabinet may even need to be walled in, and then the question of the nature of the floor is insignificant.

You decide that alone. That is why there are many different products in key storage.

You could allow the following persons / organizations access:

  • Private individuals
  • Nursing staff
  • Emergency services - rescue, fire brigade, police
  • Employees, employees
  • People who look after the house or garden
  • Property management

The more people, the more keys - that's why offers you key cabinets in different shapes and sizes.

The higher the security level, the better your key cabinet offers protection, as with all types of safe. We will be happy to provide you with information and advise you on your choice. Also, always have a conversation with your insurance advisor to insure the correct values.

Not all safes are available in all security levels!

  • Safes without security classification / resistance grade
  • "A" according to VDMA 24992, as of May 1995
  • S1 according to EN 14450
  • B according to VDMA 24992 as of May 1995
  • Class EN 0 according to CSN EN1143-1 SZUCZ
  • Class EN 1 according to CSN EN 1143-1 SZUCZ
  • I according to EN 1143-1 Vds class I ECB-S EN-1
  • II according to EN 1143-1 Vds class II ECB-S EN-2
  • III according to EN 1143-1 Vds class III ECB-S EN-3, VSÖ EN-3
  • IV according to EN 1143-1 Vds class IV ECB-S EN-4, VSÖ EN-4
  • V according to EN 1143-1 Vds class V.
  • V according to EN 1143-1 Vds class V KB
  • Class EN 2
  • Class EN 3
  • Class EN 4
  • Class S1
  • Class S2
  • VDMA 'B'

  Buy at and benefit from the large selection of quality products at fair prices. Count on our experience. We offer fast delivery, secure and easy payment options and excellent customer service.

We have the following manufacturers in our range for you:

  • Rottner safe
  • Format vault construction
  • ISS
  • Phoenix
  • Sentry Safe
  • Sistec

Other well-known vendors of safes: Burg Wächter, Hartmann Tresore and Eisenbach.