Whether you are looking to purchase a key safe or a key cabinet, here at we’ll be able to offer a suitable solution for every need and find the right key storage unit for you. Our key safes equipped with either a key lock or electronic lock. We offer a large selection of key cabinets suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial use.
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Our various offer ranges from high-quality top models of brand manufacturers, to the budget options. Featured manufacturers Rottner, Home Design, Phoenix.

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  1. Rottner Key Safe X-Key Mechanical Lock Black
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The key safe is a lockable container made of steel / sheet metal that is used to store your keys and is mainly found in the private sector. The key cabinet can be opened with a key or a combination of numbers / code.

Key deposit units can be screwed to the house facade (wall mounting) or located inside and are available in many styles. From the smallest key garage to the large key safe that contains 2000 keys or many more, everything is on offer.

Small key boxes, large key safes - the choice is huge. The keys are usually attached to suitable hooks that are attached to hook rails and are used for hanging. Most of the time, these hook rails are adjustable in height.

Several people have access to one key. You decide who gets access. Nursing staff, property management, gardeners, cleaning staff, children who have come from school, fire brigade, rescue services, your employees and workers, e.g. in a car dealership or hotel.

In addition, the key box offers a perfect overview of the keys to be managed and creates optimal order. You can see at a glance which key is missing or is currently in use.

Insured, robust key boxes with combination locks are more likely to be found in the commercial sector, the practical small key box with cylinder lock in the private home.

You should definitely ask yourself this question before buying. Of course, we would be happy to advise you in this regard if you need help or individually tailored solutions.

Here you have to be clear about the nature of the wall, which type of insulation is used, how thick is the insulation - many questions that need to be considered. The key safes must be weatherproof and are usually provided with drill holes on the back through which the key safe is attached to the wall with screws / dowels.

Once the key box is mounted on the wall, it can no longer be stolen. If you are unsure, please ask the specialist! The sooner something is clarified or misunderstandings are eliminated, the better it is. Save time, nerves and costs.

Here the key safe does not have to be weatherproof and storage with an electronic lock is also suitable. With such a lock, however, you are dependent on the power supply, do not ignore this.

Many keys ensure a considerable weight. Use the correct fastening material, suitable wall plugs and / or screws.

Pay attention to the condition of the floor, should / must the key cabinet be walled in, etc. - feel free to ask your questions, we will offer you the right answers!