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Gun Safes & Weapon Cabinets

Whether you own a house or live in an apartment and have one or more weapons, according to the law, they must be securely stored under under lock and key to prevent unauthorised access.


Safari 10 Weapon Safe

Our company offers gun safes for safe storage of pistols, rifles and ammo, executed in accordance with European regulations on security measures for arms possession.  Now you can enjoy elegance and safety at the same time buying our gun safes. We manufacture and sell gun safes, rifle safes, shotgun cabinets, pistol safes and ammunition safes.

Gun safes and gun cabinets, as required by law, also have an internal lockable compartment for separate storage of ammunition.

Buy your gun safe, buy your peace of mind and keep your family and belongings safe!

Owning a gun safe or a gun cabinet ensures that only authorised persons have access to the weapons, excluding the risk factor. Always store your guns unloaded. The placement must be chosen carefully, so eye and physical contact of family members, especially children, with the gun safe is limited or zero. Please note that responsible handling of weapons and ammunition always comes first.

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