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Arregui safes produce a high quality range of Safes. You can be sure of great security and quality design from Arregui.

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  1. Arregui Grid Key Lock - £1,000 Cash Rated Floor Safe

    The Grid Wall Safe is designed to be camouflaged behind a false air vent which is then attached to the front of the Safe. The Safe can easily be hidden in any corner of the house or building and offers a dimple operating system for securing the safe.

  2. Arregui Suma Size 1 Dual Lock - £1,000 Cash Rated Safe

    Suma Safes offer a high level of resistance making them harder to damage or destroy. The main advantage is they also have a Dual Lock meaning they are operated by a Key and Electronic Lock. The Suma size 1 Key Lock is available in 3 sizes/models, all available in black. 

  3. Arregui Basa Electronic Lock - £1,000 Cash Rated Floor Safe

    The Basa Floor Safe is ideal to be hidden in the base of Wardrobes, this will conceal your precious items from would-be thieves. The High Security Electronic Lock should be between 3-6 digits long and has a hidden emergency lock directly above the door. This Safe is perfect for storing folders and other small items.

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3 Item(s)