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Individuals and companies need safes, key cabinets or gun cabinets for a variety of reasons: money, documents, sensitive materials, weapons, keys, anything that needs protection. In here you can find companies that sell brand name safes.
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  1. Homestar 2 Furniture Office Key Lock Safe Rottner

    The Rottner Homestar 2 is a small furniture safe, that is perfect for looking after your valuables. This Home Safe offers £1,000 Cash Cover and up to £10,000 Valuables.

  2. Home Design HDKC- 1000 Bookcase Red Book English Dictionary Diversion Safe

    The Home Design BookCase is perfect to keep valuables, as it looks just like any other book, blending in with the environment when placed on a bookshelf. Between the covers is a metal compartment, in which you can store cash, jewelery or even documents securely. The BookCase is closed with a cylinder lock, not visible from the outside.

    RRP: £59.54

  3. Furniture Safe Key Lock Home Design Office HDS-2 5000

    The Home Design HDS-2 5000 Key Lock Furniture Safe offers simple and safe construction. These Furniture Safes offer double walled construction and limited burglary protection. Also available in a smaller size the HDS-2 5000.

    RRP: £167.49

  4. Furniture Safe Key Lock Home Design Office HDS-2 3000

    The Home Design HDS-2 3000 Key Lock Furniture Safe is very small in size but offers simple and safe construction. This Safe also has stable internal hinges that allow a 90 opening angle with a 50mm thick door and 2mm thick door leaf. Also available in a large model the HDS-2 5000.

    RRP: £88.51

  5. Safe Fireproof Security Home Design Fire 60 £17,500 Cash Rated

    The Home Design HDS EN 2 60 safe offers both Burglary and Fire protection for your valuables and documents. The HDS EN 2 60 IT Key Lock Safe has a £17,500 Cash rating, and £175,000 for valuables. Also available as a Modern High Security Electronic Lock. 

    RRP: £1,046.23

  6. Cash Box Size 4 Pro First Silver Money Box

    • Our most popular range of cash boxes, available in 4 different colours.
    • Protection for a small amount of cash.
    • Notes tray included, coins can be dropped inside.
    • Handle on top for ease of access.

    RRP: £28.88

  7. Home Design HDS-8000 Stylish Hotel Slimline Laptop Safe with Modern Electronic Lock

    The Home Design HDS-8000 safe offers a compact and simple design and is ideal to be used in a hotel, it is so slim it will fit inside a hotel safe. It's modern electronic lock leaves nothing to be desired and comes with it's own master code and and mechanical emergency opening with 2 keys provided. The feature of this safe is the locking bolts open and close automatically.

    RRP: £131.34

  8. Safe Home Office Security Key Lock Home Design HDS S2 800

    The Home Design HDS S2 range is a great safe for use within the Home or the Office. It is also (AiS Approved) by the Association of Insurance Surveyors. These safes comes in 6 different sizes & are available with either a Key or an Electronic Lock. The Home Design HDS-S2 800 offers protection from small fires and is supplied with 2 shelves.

    RRP: £475.39

  9. Large Capacity Modern Designer Post Box Home Design HDM-1400

    The Home Design HDM-1400 is a large postbox made from high quality steel which has a cylinder key lock supplied with two keys. There is only one colour available but this postbox can be attached to a wall, fixings are included.

    RRP: £62.67

  10. American USA Stylish Aluminium Mailbox Red Flag Rottner

    The Rottner American stylish mailbox range is available in 3 different colours, white, black & silver (silver is made from aluminum, not steel). The American stylish mailbox is a great value fun mailbox made from steel with a smooth paint finish. Post is accessed by drop down door including a safety catch to keep the door secure.

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