For more than 40 years, Rottner Security has offered a comprehensive range of high-quality safes for private and corporate use. Whether you are looking for furniture safe, wall safe, document safe, AIS approved safe, gun safe, key safe or stainless steel letterbox - here you will find you’re most exclusive range, which has been convincing since 1971 with the best quality and optimum safety.

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Rottner Security is a premium brand that has been focusing on safety, quality and value for over four decades. If you are looking for individual security solutions or if you are interested in safes in general, protective cassettes or letterboxes, then you will surely find what you are looking for in the wide assortment of Rottner Security, which contains over 2000 different products. Tested and certified goods at extremely fair prices are quickly delivered. Decades of experience, know-how, modern production technology, quality assurance and much more are no empty phrases when it comes to Rottner Security! Products are constantly being developed and new standards are set in order to guarantee customers the best possible price-performance ratio for security products.