Want something different for your home? Try a US style mailbox

If you were asked to list a few of the many differences between the United Kingdom and the United States, you may not immediately think of mailboxes – but they are indeed very different in the two countries! US mailboxes are more popular than ever across the UK, and we think we just might know why. Read ahead to learn more about why these boxes are selling like hotcakes – American hotcakes, that is!

What are the main differences between British and US mailboxes?

The standard British mailbox (if your home even has a box rather than a simple slot in their front door) is rectangular and roughly the size of a cereal box. Home owners will often gain access to their mail via a lock and key. In contrast, the US mailbox is a much larger structure with a flat bottom and domed top, usually made of galvanised steel. Most Americans do not secure their mailboxes, so there is no spot for a lock.

The most celebrated feature of a US mailbox has got to be the peppy red flag that alerts the postman or the resident that there is mail inside that needs to be fetched. This iconic feature is fun, useful and eye catching.



The benefits of a US style mailbox

If you are considering a US mailbox for your home or office, here are some of the benefits that you can expect to enjoy once it is installed.

  • They are stylish and unique – Your neighbours, friends and guests will definitely notice your interesting mailbox, and it is sure to garner comments and compliments. Your house will be set apart from the others on your block, and you can select colours that complement your home’s exterior.
  • They are larger and can handle more mail – If your home or office address receives a lot of mail on a daily basis, you should consider upgrading to a US style mailbox. They are much larger than the standard UK box, and as a result they can handle many more items. This is especially important if you plan a holiday away; an overflowing mailbox can signal to thieves and intruders that your home is empty.
  • They will easily accommodate a broadsheet newspaper – If you subscribe to a broadsheet newspaper (The Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph or Sunday Times), you may already be familiar with your newspaper being delivered in a crumpled mess as carriers attempt to shove it through your mail slot. With a US style mailbox you will never have to worry about your newspaper being rendered unreadable again – they are more than large enough to handle this format.


If you are interested in learning more about US mailbox styles, prices and designs, feel free to reach out to us by email or by phone.