The Popularity Of US Mailboxes In The UK

When someone mentions US Mailboxes, we can all recall them, probably from American movies. The curved roof, the little red flag on the side. They can be seen all over the USA. Now, this type of mailbox is starting to become increasingly popular in the United Kingdom.

What does the flag actually mean?

The little red flag that is associated with these mailboxes is often thought to be raised by the postman after delivery. In actual fact, it is lifted by the homeowner when there is mail for sending, to make the postal service aware.

In the UK, our postal service doesn’t collect post for sending from our homes, so it is more fun to use the flag to show post has arrived.

What are they made of?

The mailboxes are typically made from aluminium or steel with pros and cons to both materials. Usually they have a safety catch, to keep the door secure. Many buyers opt to try and source mailboxes with a lock, to keep their post safe.

Rottner US Mailbox Black

Advantages of a US Mailbox


Their rise in popularity is thanks to their fun and charming design, however, it is also practical too. The design features are simple yet effective. The curved roof allows water to run off it, stopping any build up. The corrugated floor is there to protect the mail against any condensation.

Ease for the postal service

US mailboxes can save the postman time as they’re usually planted at the kerb side. No more walking up long drives or navigating gates and other building problems. US mailboxes improve the efficiency of the service all round, allowing you and others to get your mail quicker.


US style mailboxes tend to be pretty big. This means they’ll be able to store a large amount of mail and even packages, so you don’t have to make the regular trip to the sorting office to receive your deliveries.


Depending on the style and period of your property, your door will potentially be more aesthetically pleasing without a letterbox too. Having a US mailbox means it can be installed in a location that works well and adds to the look of your property, rather than hinders it.


US mailboxes offer a safety catch on the door, ensuring that your mail stays safe, holding the door securely shut.

Enjoy style and versatility

Everyone around the world will instantly recognise the US mailbox. Some buy them to do the job as they’re intended, to be a post box. Others purchase them for the novelty aspect or to act as ornaments. Another popular use is for them to be placed outside wedding reception venues. They’re often personalised and allow guests to leave cards as they pass.

Want to find out more?

You can discover a range of steel and aluminium US mailboxes by clicking here and finding the perfect postbox to suit your needs.