Admit it, we have all been in that certain situation where you have left the house in a rush, shut the door behind you and THEN not checked that you have our keys with you!. It's a terrible way to start the day. Here at Safes.,, we aim to change that so we have the perfect product to put those worries aside so if you forget your keys it doesn't matter !!!

The Pro First Security Key Box is an ingenious ‘mini key safe’ that fixes securely to any conveniently located wall. It is amazing how many people still leave a key under the door mat, in a flower pot or inside THE most unrealistic looking rocks you will ever see! The Security Key Box allows you to securely store up to 4 house keys to hand in the event of a lock out occurring, making it slightly inconvenient rather than a full blown catastrophe ending in an expensive call to a locksmith.

The Security Key Box also enables you to leave keys for your children, so they can have access to the home when you’re out, without the need for worrying if they will lose the key over the course of the day. In addition, it’s an ideal solution for homes of elderly people or infirm relatives. You have the option of leaving the code with the Doctor, a Carer, Cleaner or a Health Care Worker and they can let themselves in without the occupant having to worry about getting to the door.

With a High Security 10 digit lock, a weather proof rubber cover and easy installation, the Pro First Black Key Box is available to buy from our online store with Free UK Delivery.