Nowadays a Key Cabinet is becoming something of a necessity to have, if you looked around your home you would be amazed at how many items you have with a Key that needs to be secured.

The problem today is people are that busy with their lives be it with the kids or work we don't take enough time to consider the correct security measures. Whether it is the Key to the front door, the keys to the garage or even your car keys these items are your property and are personal to you , this is why at we want our customers to take their home security seriously.  

Security for your Keys

In 2017 there has been a sudden surge in the market and a need for Key Safes and Cabinets.

We have expanded our range of products for key security to match the ever growing popularity to meet the needs of customers.

This year we have added further models to the ever popular S range of Key Cabinets and these are now also available as an Electronic Lock.

HDK-20 EL Key Cabinet


Other Advantages of our Key Safes  

Most of our models are available as a Key or Electronic Lock, the Electronic model comes with your own user code which is better for security.

Storage is not a problem with these units as they hold anywhere from 20 to a 300 diverse key capacity, what's more most come with key hooks and tags.

If you are after a product that is very small and holds very minimal space such as 1- 10 keys a model such as the Key Keeper would be perfect for your needs.

Generally speaking most of these Safes are easily accessible, secure and can be wall mounted which is the perfect solution as they can be installed on a wall outside your residence particularly ideal if people have a need to visit your home regularly such as carers and doctors, the only thing you would need to do is leave them the Key or the combination (if it's an Electronic Lock).

No matter the requirement or the need there is a Key Safe / Cabinet out there for you so don't be shy and secure your keys today.