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With a lack of trust in the financial sector, ever increasing bank charges and the threat of cybersecurity issues, more and more people are looking to protect their cash and valuables at home, rather than in banks and building societies.

Of course, both a bank and home are liable to theft, security breaches and accidents such as fire and floods. Although a bank is likely to have measures in place to protect your investments, is it still safer to keep your cash at home?

What to do if you want to keep cash at home

  1. Choose an appropriate insurance policy

Most home insurance policies will only cover a small amount of money stored at home. In order to protect your money, then you need to find the appropriate coverage for the amount you want to insure. If it is a substantial amount, then an insurance company is likely to ask you to keep money in a safe to reduce the risk of a claim.

  1. Find the right safe for you

If you have found the right insurance company that covers the money you want to store at home, then it is wise to invest in a safe that is insurance approved. An insurance approved safe is one that is vetted by insurers as an excellent place to store your possessions.

If you do not have an insurance approved safe and make a claim to your insurer, they may say your claim is invalidated because you do not have the right type of safe. It is likely to be in the small print of your policy so check carefully for their safe stipulations and if in doubt, focus your safe search on ones that are insurance approved. Insurance approved safes are ones that have been considered high security and meet the strict guidelines set out by the Association of Insurance Surveyors (AIS).


Power Safe 600 IT Key Lock Safe



  1. Focus on cash rating

Once you have found an AIS insurance approved safe, you then need to consider the cash rating of the safe for the money that you want to store in the safe. For example, a safe with a cash rating of £10,000 will be considered more robust and durable than a safe which has a cash rating of £1000.  Again, some insurers may have a stipulation of the cash rating safe you should use to comply with their policy, so make sure to check the small print to find the right safe for you. 

10 Nov 2017 15:07:47 By Chris Millward Safes ,

In the West Midlands and West Bromwich in particular, there is a rich history in the production of safes and locking mechanisms. In fact, the West Midlands is considered the lock making home of the UK and West Bromwich is undoubtedly at the heart of it.

Celebrating the history of safe production in the West Midlands

There are many locks and safe making companies in this region that have continued to thrive from as early as the 1800s until this very day. In fact, the West Midlands has a proud connection with the industry, which is why there is an entire collection in the Black Country Living Museum. The collection, titled Locks and Safes, is dedicated to the safe production and manufacturing heralded from the area.

The collection features many of the prestigious safe manufacturing names of the era such as Dart Safe Co. from West Bromwich which create a safe with a five-lever locking system. Another piece in the collection is a Bramah Patent padlock which was considered burglar proof. As well as these items, there are many documents that have been collated to celebrate the history of safe production in West Bromwich including an Order from 1870 for galvanised locks and letters to Thomas Morgan for lock samples to be sent as far-reaching as India.

When did it begin?

In terms of history, it was considered that Chubb, a West Midlands based company, was the first to manufacture safes. They received a patent in 1835 for burglar-resisting safes. However, in 1886, these safes were advanced by Henry Brown who created fire retardant and accident resistant containers.

Thanks to the tools and production methods in the area, it wasn’t long before more companies in the West Midlands produced their own safes, with distinctive styles and features. Many businesses were family-run and continue to be in production today.

For example, The Withers is a famous family who set up a safe making firm in West Bromwich in 1843. The founder, George Withers, began his craft as an iron turner but soon the craft took him to make metal bedsteads and then safe manufacturing. Another company that is known in the area is Walsall Locks, a company that has been creating locks for safes since their beginning in the 1800s as a worker’s cooperative.

There are many famous lock making and safe production companies that all have utilised or been founding in this vibrant area for metal work production, the industrial West Midlands.


10 Nov 2017 14:46:05 By Chris Millward The History of Security Safes,

Arson attacks are a very nasty business and can cause immense harm to anyone. This is the reason that we should not be ignoring the fact that they can happen at any time and thus, proper measures should be taken to prevent them.

These days, we give so much importance to the security of the email and all such digital communication that we actually forget about the humble letterbox. They serve to be a very vulnerable entryway into our homes and other buildings so they should never be left unattended or unprotected. This not only endangers property but precious lives too.

When petrol is poured through the letterbox and set alight even through a little rag, it can cause some severe damage even before the alarm can actually be raised. Blocking the main route of escape through fire, they can lead to some really dire consequences.

Because of this, it becomes imperative to have protected letterboxes so that your family, your house, or any sort of building stays protected at all times.

Why is a Letterbox Bag so Important?

Letterboxes which have been protected by letterbox bags work exceptionally well against the arson attacks and are a great investment for all the property owners.

 Homeguard Letterbox Bag


They provide the following benefits:

Peace of Mind

These letterbox bags are compact, practical and can easily hold the daily post and the newspapers. They can be fixed to most of the domestic letter boxes as well as to those which can be found in businesses, schools, and warehouses.

Complete Safety

There is no way that your letterbox can be set to fire now because these letterbox bags have been designed to provide utmost safety and security. There is no worrying about the security of your property or loved ones now.

Keep the Mail Well-Hidden

Your important post remains safe and well-hidden, and there are very bleak chances that one can actually get their hands on it mail. Just like emails and other digital means, you can get important documents through the mail too so it is essential that your letterbox should be well-protected.

Ease of access

For those with mobility issues, letterbox bags allow you to retrieve your mail with ease as it stays at the same level as your letterbox. No need to bend down to the floor to pick up your post. It also means your post is accessible to you, and your pet dog won’t be the first on the scene to destroy your important correspondence.

Anyone can use these letterboxes whether children or elderly because there is nothing complicated about them. They serve to provide protection and are easy to use at the same time. They offer variety and highest quality to find the perfect letterbox bag for your needs. 

Please check out our full range of Letterbox bags.

9 Aug 2017 15:24:50 By Chris Millward New For 2017,

The Black Country is well-known across the land for being an industrial powerhouse. The name itself is believed to have come from the black soot that dominated the area from the many factories and heavy industrial work. From coal mining, iron and steel, one of the biggest aspects of the industry in the area of West Bromwich, Dudley and Wolverhampton and the surrounding area in the West Midlands that comprises the Black Country was the manufacturing of security products.

Under lock and key

Since the 17th Century, lock and key production flourished in the area, as the popularity grew, so did the number of companies turning their hand to this trend of locking devices. This was only the start. By 1855, 452 businesses in the Black Country were manufacturing security devices, from gates, padlocks and even ship locks.

Protecting wealth

As wealth and safety increased, manufacturers turned their attention to the intricate task of manufacturing safes and safe fittings as demand raised to protect personal and business wealth. Many well-established firms known for their quality of safes are actually based in the Black Country, from Cyrus Price and Co, Richard Noakes and Son and Richard M. Lord. However, the company that is perhaps the most well-known today is the prestigious Chubb and Sons.

Chubb and Sons opened their flagship factory in Wolverhampton, despite having premises in London and Portsmouth. In 1889, their facilities accommodated up to 350 safe makers, but when they closed their London works, their production facility increased, as did the variation in products on offer. In fact, many of the staff from the London works were expected to pack their bags and move to Wolverhampton over a weekend, to keep their jobs and continue work as normal on a Monday morning!


We all know that thieves will continue to exist and they will always find a new way to get to the goods they want. It was up to the companies across the Black Country such as Perry’s in West Bromwich and George Price to develop new and innovative technologies to help to protect valuable and deter and outfox thieves. Because of this, safe companies have always had a great extent of showmanship, desperate to have the most innovative product that outclasses the rest.

Impressively, although not well-known, it is the Black Country that was the catalyst for the creation of some of the great safes that we can see and buy today

9 Aug 2017 15:18:08 By Chris Millward Safes Security Help and Advice,

There are a number of business owners out there who do not realise the importance of an insurance approved safe until it is too late and they have to experience the devastating effects of a theft in their company. Having CCTV cameras is definitely a plus point, but surveillance doesn’t safeguard you from the loss thus, the importance of having an AiS safe is magnified.

The Association of Insurance Surveyors is a well-known and respectable body and serves to be a very useful resource. They approve those safes which are in compliance with the high standards of the insurance industry and a lot of insurers in the UK trust the judgment of AiS. They highly recommend safes which have been approved by this body which is considered to be very reliable.

Rottner Power Safe Key Lock

Benefits of Insurance Approved Safes

According to the Insurance Companies’ Guidelines

As a part of their policy coverage, the insurance companies require you to store all your high-value items within a safe which has been graded safe and high-security. The high grading of a safe means that it went through vigorous testing and has been deemed secure after clearing all those tests.

If someone did manage to get past through such safes, the insurance company would be providing you with the payout for your loss. If you did not have an AiS approved safe, it is quite possible that your insurer will reject your claim or not give you the appropriate level of compensation.

Durable and Strong Safes

If you go with a safe which has been endorsed by the insurers themselves, then you have something which is highly reliable and strong. There is no denying the durability of these safes because they have proved themselves to be secure after passing through all the tests. When it comes to your important valuables, you would definitely not want to risk it thus, going with insurance approved safes is the best possible option.

Added Peace of Mind

Why do you want yourself to be over-stressed about the security of your assets which mean everything to you? There is nothing like the peace of mind one can get by knowing that their valuables be it cash or be it some kind of documents are secure inside an insurance approved safe.

Find your AiS Safe Today

You can easily find an insurance approved safe (AiS) on www.safes.co.uk, please check out their full AIS range as they have the finest and widest variety of safes. You will easily be able the security you need which satisfies all your requirements and can keep all your valuable items well-protected and secure.


9 Aug 2017 15:12:06 By Chris Millward Safes Security Help and Advice,

Cars are relied on by most people for various reasons (work, family, friends, commitments). Having your car stolen is the stuff of nightmares. Most people take preventative measures to stop it from happening, through locking the car and fitting a car alarm. However, one thing that car owners repeatedly fail to protect is their car keys.

 If a thief gets hold of your keys, they can simply drive your car away.

No damage, no alarms, no fuss.

So to protect your car, you really need to protect your keys.

Keeping your keys safe is imperative if you want to keep your car out of the hands of thieves. How can you do this effectively though?

Read More
26 Jul 2017 16:44:03 By Chris Millward Safes Security Help and Advice,

The Popularity Of US Mailboxes In The UK

When someone mentions US Mailboxes, we can all recall them, probably from American movies. The curved roof, the little red flag on the side. They can be seen all over the USA. Now, this type of mailbox is starting to become increasingly popular in the United Kingdom.

What does the flag actually mean?

The little red flag that is associated with these mailboxes is often thought to be raised by the postman after delivery. In actual fact, it is lifted by the homeowner when there is mail for sending, to make the postal service aware.

In the UK, our postal service doesn’t collect post for sending from our homes, so it is more fun to use the flag to show post has arrived.

What are they made of?

The mailboxes are typically made from aluminium or steel with pros and cons to both materials. Usually they have a safety catch, to keep the door secure. Many buyers opt to try and source mailboxes with a lock, to keep their post safe.

Read More
20 Jul 2017 10:43:18 By Chris Millward New For 2017,

How Best To Protect Your Home And Your Possessions

With the right broker, anything can be insured, and insurance is something that most households have in form or another. Apart from the obvious consequences of a loss, such as the sense of vulnerability after a break in, to the proceeding hike in insurance premiums, people are also incredibly sentimental.

We treasure our possessions, and while protecting them with the appropriate insurance cover, all the insurance money in the world is not going to replace the special heirlooms that you’ve inherited and memories that you’ve documented through film and photographs. Lock and Key The age old method which is probably still the most effective is keeping things under lock and key. Businesses do it to prevent pilfering and stock loss. We do it to keep our possessions safe when we leave home. The days of any old lock to deter an opportunist have long gone, and even the mundane front door lock must be a five lever mortice lock to contract any sort of decent home insurance policy. But the lock on the door is only the first line of defence, and while we can’t lock every aspect of our entire home away every time we go out, there is a lot we can do to make things harder for the unwelcome intruder.

Make Life Harder For Criminals Do not attach a key hook next to the front door. This is the first place a burglar is going to look to see if there is easy access to things that may be locked away. If you lock your new Ferrari away in a garage but leave the keys hanging at the front door with the tell-tale Ferrari key ring, you can be sure that’s the first thing the thief will investigate. Furthermore, having labels on your keys indicating what it is that they unlock is every criminals dream, and that includes the safe key. If you have locked away a substantial amount of cash or valuables in a home safe, either keep the key well hidden or preferably on your person as much as you can.

Even better, get a safe with a combination lock so that there’s no risk of the key being found. You can find a great range of secure safes by clicking here.

Mechanical X-Key Safe

To be extra secure, don’t use your children’s birthdays or the day that you adopted the dog as your password. Professional thieves tend to research their victims, and they’ll find this information on your social media accounts with ease. To keep all of your possessions safe and protected, it is important to choose a safe that has some fire durability and won’t be child’s play to open.

16 Jun 2017 11:51:22 By Chris Millward Safes Security Help and Advice,

Like many products, safes have mainly progressed as flaws have been identified and thieves have got smarter, compromising locks along the way and finding innovative new ways to break into sealed boxes that don’t live up to their name as ‘safes’.

In the last instalment we discovered that listening to safes to open them really did work, however, after learning this trick, manufacturers were quick to fix this issue. For this, they added more clicks to the dial disks, so that you could no longer listen to the clicks to crack the code. By the sixties, thieves resorted the force rather than the mastery of codebreaking. Safecrackers in the 1960s began used diamond drills to break through the safe.

Diamond drills were successful because of diamond is one of the hardest minerals; meaning it can pierce through safes made of a material that is considered robust, even concrete safes. Once again, as manufacturers learnt of the latest trick by criminals, safes were then made with an element that meant safes were better equipped to resist the power of diamond drills. The element added, corundum, is not as hard as diamond, but within a concrete safe can help to protect safes from drill damage. Nowadays, safes are made from tough, defensive material that is incredibly difficult to break through. Having said that, they’re not all unbreakable.

Thieves can use specialist hydraulic equipment to break a safe, but often these methods will take the time to implement. Using specialist hydraulic equipment can work, but in a pressure situation where thieves have to move quickly, they don’t have the time to break a safe. Instead, criminals are much more likely to take a safe away and work on them with time and precision. With this in mind, when you purchase a safe, you not only need to consider the material of the safe but how the safe will be installed. As technology and materials progress, safes are made to suit a range of needs. Certainly, there is no one-size-fits-all safe, and we all need to find the one that meets our needs depending on our possessions and what we want or need to protect. In the past, thieves have found ways to outfox safes eventually, and this will inevitably continue. However, rest assured that it often takes a long time for thieves to get wise and come up with a way to crack safes. As time moves on, manufacturers will keep finding innovative ways to deter thieves and make sure that you feel that your belongings are safely protected in every circumstance, whether it's from thieves, fires or floods.

16 Jun 2017 11:45:34 By Chris Millward The History of Security Safes,

In our last instalment, we focussed on safes in the medieval era. The medieval safes were heavy and cumbersome that had lost lots of functionality through ornate locks and beautiful decoration. From these impractical but stunningly designed safes, we then move to Paris and a rather surprising locksmith.

When we consider safe makers, the first thought that comes to mind certainly isn’t royalty, but a king has certainly played a part in transforming a change in safe design with a lesson to be learnt! King Louis XVI was the husband of Marie Antoinette and had a surprising locksmith talent. King Louis XVI was a mechanics enthusiast and was passionate about learning how things worked and making them better.

The king even had a master skill of forging metal and use his knowledge to create himself a safe. The security box was made out of iron, and the King forged the lock and key himself. The safe was very impressive, built with mechanic knowledge, skill and metal mastery. However, King Louis XVI had forgotten the one key rule about a safe, which is never tell anyone that you have one. The king revealed to a friend he had built a security cabinet into the wall. The safe was found to contain incriminating information, and as a result, the king paid for revealing his secret safe, with his head. Ouch.

From France, we move to 19th Century England where the industrial production of security cabinets began. These safes were still secured with keys; however, the level of security was hampered by safecrackers (burglars) who increased their skill with the growth of security. These safecrackers found ways to open the locks with crowbars and other tools or for particular difficult safes; they used gunpowder in the keyhole to blow the door open. This meant it was back to the drawing board for safe designers, who had to find a new method of keeping customer belongings secure. Enter the dial plate, where locks were replaced with locking keys. The dial plate consisted of several rotating disks. These rotating disks were given the safe code. However, as the technology increased so did the skill of the safecrackers. Often seen in films, safecrackers would put their ear to a safe and as if by magic, the safe would open.

This actually did work as you could hear a noticeable click when the dial was on the right number, making it easy to crack to code and gain entry. In the next instalment, we will look at how dial safes progressed into the modern-day safes we know today.

9 May 2017 15:25:31 By Chris Millward The History of Security Safes,
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