Everyone loves a little holiday away from their day to day life – whether a quick city break to a continental capital, a family week at Disney World or a luxury beach getaway in the Indian Ocean, taking time away from your busy schedule is a refreshing chance to recharge. As a hotel owner or manager, you know better than anyone about the rejuvenating effects of a holiday.

With that said, travelling can have its own inherent stresses. Whether your guests are with their family, their partners or are solo, they often travel with many valuable items in their possession. People tend to travel with: passports (sometimes filled with hard to replace residency or work visas), extra wads of cash, travellers’ cheques, credit cards, jewelry and many other valuable items, and keeping track of those important objects can be nerve-wracking for even the most seasoned travellers.

As a hotel operator, you can help to reduce these worries immensely with one simple solution: install in-room safes in all of your rooms. Not only will this help your guests achieve peace of mind while on holiday, it will also help you to build trust, limit liability and increase your bottom line. 


Here are just a few reasons why you should install in-room safes in your hotel as soon as possible.


  • Limit your liability – If you do not have in-room safes in which your guests can store their valuables, they are likely to ask your reception staff to keep their passports/cash/wallets behind the front desk. While this is a nice gesture, it can be rife with issues: what happens if these items get misplaced or stolen? Allowing your guests to care for their own belongings in safe (clearly posted with notices of non-liability) will keep you off the hook.
  • A feature you can advertise to increase bookings – These days, most travel review sites (such as Tripadvisor and Yelp) include a line item about whether or not the hotel offers an in-room safe. If you are not offering your guests this important feature, you could be losing out on valuable guests who want to protect their valuables.
  • Help your guests relax – A relaxed guest is a happy guest! You don’t want your clients to be stressing about the status of their belongings while they are lounging by the pool, sipping cocktails or working in your business lounge – give them the peace of mind that they deserve.
  • Help limit employee theft – It is a sad point to have to make, but as a hotel operator, you may at times need to deal with a devastating problem – your trusted staff can betray you and your guests and turn to theft. This can negatively impact your reviews, cause a huge downturn in bookings and sour repeat clientele forever. In-room safes can really help you to limit the potential for employee theft and help to keep your otherwise amazing team members honest, even when temptation beckons.

These above points prove why you need to install safes in your hotel rooms as soon as possible.