If you have ever stayed in a hotel, you have undoubtedly seen – and even used – the safe tucked discreetly in the closet or the bedside table. These safes provide you with a peace of mind when you are travelling, giving you the perfect place to store your passport, extra cash, important documents, jewelry and any other valuables you might have on your person. But why limit this convenience and security to your travels?

More and more people are electing to install safes in the own homes and offices, attracted by the wellbeing that comes from knowing that their most precious belongings are safe and sound in a variety of situations.

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 Here are five reasons why anyone can benefit from having a safe installed in your home.

1.Protect your valuables in case of fire – One of the most devastating results of a home or office fire is the loss of precious photographs, original documents and other family heirlooms. People regularly lose everything that is meaningful to them when a fire strikes – a safe can protect your most important objects in case of a house fire.
2.You’ll always know where your important documents are – Have you ever nearly missed a flight or event because you could not find your passport or other vital identification? Automatically storing your important documents in your home safe will ensure that you are never scrambling to locate your passport again – you’ll always know exactly where to look.
3.Thieves will be foiled – Home burglaries cost Britons millions in lost and damaged property each year; nothing feels worse than arriving home to discover that your belongings have been riffled through and stolen. Having a home safe installed will not only keep your cash, jewelry, passports and other costly goods secure, it can deter thieves in the first place. A sticker announcing that you have a safe can be affixed on every entrance to your home or office, signaling to potential burglars that your house is simply not worth the attempt.
4.You can negotiate better rates on home insurance – Home insurance providers will often offer lower rates to home owners who have taken extra steps to protect their premises. Having a home safe installed can signal to your insurance provider that you are a low risk client, and therefore deserve a lower monthly rate and/or lower deductible.
5.Water tight safes protect against flooding – As we have recently seen across the North, a flood in your home or office can be simply devastating. Lost heirlooms, photos, documents and other valuables, completely ravaged by water, mildew and rot. By storing your most important items in a safe, you can often mitigate the damage caused by a flood and protect your family’s treasured objects from the chaos caused by water.


As you can see, the benefits of installing a home safe are many, and you may even have one or two other personal reasons why you could use a secure place to store your valuables. Consider investing in this home security device today.