Cars are relied on by most people for various reasons (work, family, friends, commitments). Having your car stolen is the stuff of nightmares. Most people take preventative measures to stop it from happening, through locking the car and fitting a car alarm. However, one thing that car owners repeatedly fail to protect is their car keys.

If a thief gets hold of your keys, they can simply drive your car away.

No damage, no alarms, no fuss.

So to protect your car, you really need to protect your keys.

Keeping your keys safe is imperative if you want to keep your car out of the hands of thieves. How can you do this effectively though?

Limit the opportunity

First of all these types of thieves are opportunistic. So anyone who leaves their keys anywhere that someone could quickly get access to them, need to start being more security conscious.

Out of sight

Keys left near windows, or even the letterbox is at risk of being fished out by an opportunist. It’s a pretty quick and quiet technique. So keep your keys out of harm’s way and out of sight too. Don’t leave them on show to anyone by leaving them on a table for example or in view of a window or door.

Take keys with you

A lot of people tend to leave their car keys at home if they’re out for the day but not actually using the car. It’s always recommended that you take the keys with you, just in case someone breaks into your home while you are out.

Keep doors locked

It’s always advisable to keep your doors locked, but with burglars usually operating at night, any ground level windows and doors should be secured before you go to bed. This will reduce the risk of a thief gaining access in the first place, keeping your keys and car safe in the process.

Use your garage

If you have access to a garage, use it. If a thief does manage to get hold of your keys, they won’t be able to gain entry to a locked garage, stopping them driving away in your vehicle. 

Key cabinet

For added security, a key cabinet may be just what your home needs. Protected by a mechanical lock, you can simply keep all of your important keys in the cabinet. A key cabinet significantly reduces the risk of a thief getting hold of your car keys and also making sure that you never lose your keys again!

Electronic Key Cabinet 64 Keys

Protect your car today

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