The average mailbox is a purely practical purchase that solves the problem of modern PVC doors that no longer come with a letter slot built in. Often a way of preventing heat loss but sometimes just because the manufacturer feels it detracts from the over all look they were going for with their door design. Whatever the reason, it overlooks the fact that, despite electronic communications, we still receive post on a regular basis. But who says your mailbox has to be just practical and dull?  What’s wrong with having something a little more flamboyant on your wall?

This is where The Brass Residence Mailbox comes in. It really does make a real statement when adorning the front of your house. It’s certainly going to stand out from the street. Made from polished, burnished or “cast-iron grey painted” brass, The Brass Residence Mailbox really does add that touch of class and is protected from the elements by an oven-baked varnish coating making sure your mailbox will still be looking good for years to come. What better statement to have on your house than a brass mailbox glinting in the summer sunshine. A decorative piece of Italian metalwork proudly adorning your house.



Easily swallowing up A4 post, The Brass Residence Mailbox  is no mere pretty ornament. It is a capable and fully functional mailbox so what better way to ensure your mail continues to be safe and dry? No matter if you’re expecting a simple letter or your latest subscription magazine, the Residence Mailbox is going to cope with it all. Available in three stunning variations on a design classic you can choose how much you want it to stand out, from the polished brilliance of the pure brass model to the more sedate looking “cast iron grey painted” version with just an accent of brass on the letter flap. The choice is very much yours!



The embossed crest design on the front recreates the look of post boxes from years gone by and adds to the old world charm.  The embossed detailing continues with side columns, a scroll across the door and detailed accents around the letter slot. Measuring 40.5cm in height, 25.5cm in width and 5.5cm deep the mailbox deals with large letters with ease and it could potentially hold several days worth of post so even the odd weekend away would not be noticeable to passers by.

Access to your delivered mail is via a wide door on the front that hinges downwards allowing the post to be easily extracted and comes protected by a cylinder lock with two keys. You’ll know whether or not you have received mail by simply observing through the slots in the door panel. Your post is protected from the elements as the  Mailboxis water resistant so you’re not going to end up with a pile of Papier-mâché when you come to empty it(!)

The Brass Residence Mailbox, a practical, robust and stunning looking mailbox. What more could you ask for?