While safes are an excellent addition to your security methods, there are more ways in which you can outsmart thieves There have been so many news stories and videos on the web of criminals outsmarting safes, from vintage films of listening to a safe with a stethoscope to a hard-hitting approach of cutting into safes with a blowtorch. In recent years, the Hatton Garden Heist astounded everyone, being the largest burglary in English legal history with a total value of over £200 million stolen.

The Hatton Garden Heist was a huge wake-up call to those in the security industry, showing that any vault can be accessed if the right tools and the right methods are used, this doesn’t mean that safes are redundant, but how you use your safe may require more thought. If you want to make your safe thiefproof, read on for our top tips.

Home Safes Buy You Time

Expert criminals are exceptionally intelligent and will work out how to steal anything if there is a high chance of the items being valuable, this makes thieves attracted to safes as usually, this is where we store our most expensive possessions. Safes don’t magically stop thefts but can significantly help to protect your belongings. Safes are not impossible to get into but will require tools, time and effort and a burglar after a quick getaway may not be able to break into your safe quickly. For opportunist thieves, you may notice damage to safe, but hopefully, the time taken to access it will put a lot of criminals off.

Best Way To Prevent Thefts Is Make Sure No One Is Looking While a safe is an excellent way to protect your belongings, the fact you have a safe may be an advertisement that you possess something of high value. While you might want to share the details of your new, technologically advanced safe with your friends, your belongings will be far better protected if no one knows of them, nor knows you have a safe.

Discretion is key for a safe, as is keeping your safe extremely well-hidden, most thieves will check the bedroom wardrobe or an office first. Choose a place that is unlikely to be thought of, perhaps choose a space you visit the least and pick a hidden safe such as a wall safe or a floor safe. Make sure to purchase a high-quality safe that is hard to find and protect yourself further by making sure absolutely no one is looking for it. Strong Safe, Bolted Down To aid a quick getaway, a burglar won’t break into a safe but steal the whole unit, so choose a robust safe that can be bolted down securely, if that is not possible opt for a heavy and cumbersome box that is difficult to take off with.

Often people judge safes with the thickest door as a sign of safe quality, but a thief can happily take an angle grinder to any side of your safe. Invest in a secure safe with thick metal on every surface for added security. With these simple tricks, you can outfox thieves and keep your home and valuables safe.