Letter boxes have a multitude of different names; mail slots, letter slots, letter holes, letter plates to name but a few but ultimately, they mean the same thing. A letter box is a slot or hole in the wall or door through which post can be delivered. While a letter box on a front door is widespread across the UK, it is much less common in the US, where postboxes are much more common.

While letter slots are common on most front doors in the UK, they are a major cause for concern for your home security. Letterboxes are an open invitation for burglars to see into your homes. It is well known that thieves can use the letterbox to slip wires or cords through to unlock the door and gain entry or use a hook to access keys that are left in the hallway, for a much safer option, choose one of our postboxes.

Post or mailboxes are incredibly useful and versatile. A mailbox can be attached to a porch, garage, house wall or freestanding on a post in the front garden for curbside post delivery. With a postbox, you can position the box where is best for you so that you can retrieve your mail easily.

Post boxes give numerous security benefits as they are robust, tough and lockable which keeps your mail secure which helps to protect you from the dangers of identity theft. The doors of mailboxes on safes.co.uk are pry resistant to keep your parcels, packages and letters safe from thieves.

As well as ensuring your post is kept safe and secure, mailboxes can also protect your post from the weather. It is much easier for you to retrieve your mail when the weather is dry, rather than a mail slot, where you trample over the mail in muddy and wet shoes in order to get in the front door.

A mail slot also gives you a risk of shredded or ruined mail thanks to children or dogs who may pick it up from the floor. With a mailbox, you can be sure your post is safe from any interventions as well as making it much easier to collect your mail rather than it being scattered haphazardly on the floor which can be difficult to pick up as soon as you enter your home, particularly if you already have your hands full.

Another great reason to choose a mailbox is its aesthetic qualities; there are a variety of different colours to choose and many different styles and designs. Mailboxes can be traditional and classic to suit period properties, sleek and contemporary curves for modern buildings and traditional rectangle designs for minimalism. A mailbox can truly become an accessory to the front of your house and work in harmony with your current house entrance style.

You can find a great range of mailboxes by following this link https://www.safes.co.uk/mailboxes/ and make sure to check out our new additions for 2017 that have been added to the collection.