Safes have been around since humanity has had valuables to store safely. Modern safes have evolved from the ancient caskets, and lockable safes go back as far as the Pharaohs. Regardless of the age of the safe, they have always been built on the same premise – to keep thieving hands and prying eyes away. The first industrial production of safes started in the UK during the 19th century when they were manufactured to be accessible with special keys.

Eventually, the infamous safecrackers forced change in the technology and access codes were introduced with dialling mechanisms which in time the safecrackers managed to get the better of too. Enter the modern electronic safe, which of course is difficult for the average person on the street to hack, but it can still be broken into by an expert.

There are a variety of safe types, but the most common is the furniture safe – hotel safes fall into this category. But how safe is a safe? A safe is only as safe as the number of people that can access it. A hotel safe will always have a secondary access feature whether it’s a master access code or an override key. After all, if a guest forgot to remove their valuables, the hotel would need to be able to access them and return them safely.

Hotel safes have become a necessity, especially when travelling with valuable documents and jewellery. Hospitality businesses have appointed key or access holders so that housekeeping staff cannot access the safes in the rooms that they service. In-room safes are useful because although you can leave your items in a larger hotel safe at reception, lack of access at will may become inconvenient.

Although an excellent deterrent; the hotel safe is not perfectly secure, and there are solutions to this too. Portable travel safes can be purchased for the business person or traveller who needs to keep items extra secure. The portable safes are small enough to fit into a hotel safe comfortably, and although the main safe can be accessed by others, only the owner of the portable safe can access their belongings.

Rottner Traveller Hotel Safe

While hotel safes are a necessity, small portable safes provide that additional security and peace of mind and only an intruder will know that you have made an extra effort to secure your belongings