While many people choose a safe to prevent losing valuables from burglaries, one of the most important considerations you should think about when selecting a safe is its resistance to natural elements, namely, damage from fire and water.

How Do Fire Safes Work?

Fire-resistant safes are designed to protect the contents of the safe from actual fire or the intensely high temperatures caused by a fire. Fire safes are designed to keep the interior of the safe as cool as possible, which is why they are usually constructed from double walled steel where the gap is filled with a fire-resistant component. Some fire safes use a water vapour mechanism that helps to create a pressure seal in the event of a fire while also regulating the internal temperature.

What To Consider When Choosing A Fire Safe

When choosing your fire safe, it is important to consider the items that you want to store in the safe. Different items can withstand different heat intensities and based on your requirements; you will be able to find a suitable safe for your needs. If you are storing film and data, such as a hard drive, these are most vulnerable and start to degrade at around 52°C, digital media such as CDs and USB memory sticks will be affected by temperatures around 120°C and paper documentation will degrade at 177°C. Fire safes are determined by the amount of time they can withstand the temperatures of a fire and are usually tested and measured by their resistance in half-hour intervals. When choosing your fire safe, opt for one that has been stringently tested to the highest industry standards so that you know your belongings are safe and the timescale and temperatures are accurate.

Fires Safes In The Workplace

In some workplaces where dangerous goods or flammable materials are used, it may be necessary to install a fireproof cabinet to help the security of the building and the prevention of further fire damage. In workplaces where large amounts of cash are stored, it is important to consider the value of the goods you need to protect when choosing a safe. Opt for a high quality and robust safe that will safely be able to protect the high value of your goods. Often it is worth spending a little more for security, than losing a high value later on. When it comes to fire protection for your items, the only way to guard your goods is to prevent the possibility of fire damage. Consider the value of your items, whether sentimental or monetary and make sure you look after your belongings and protect them from all conceivable occurrences.