There are a number of business owners out there who do not realise the importance of an insurance approved safe until it is too late and they have to experience the devastating effects of a theft in their company. Having CCTV cameras is definitely a plus point, but surveillance doesn’t safeguard you from the loss thus, the importance of having an AiS safe is magnified.

The Association of Insurance Surveyors is a well-known and respectable body and serves to be a very useful resource. They approve those safes which are in compliance with the high standards of the insurance industry and a lot of insurers in the UK trust the judgment of AiS. They highly recommend safes which have been approved by this body which is considered to be very reliable.

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Benefits of Insurance Approved Safes

According to the Insurance Companies’ Guidelines

As a part of their policy coverage, the insurance companies require you to store all your high-value items within a safe which has been graded safe and high-security. The high grading of a safe means that it went through vigorous testing and has been deemed secure after clearing all those tests.

If someone did manage to get past through such safes, the insurance company would be providing you with the payout for your loss. If you did not have an AiS approved safe, it is quite possible that your insurer will reject your claim or not give you the appropriate level of compensation.

Durable and Strong Safes

If you go with a safe which has been endorsed by the insurers themselves, then you have something which is highly reliable and strong. There is no denying the durability of these safes because they have proved themselves to be secure after passing through all the tests. When it comes to your important valuables, you would definitely not want to risk it thus, going with insurance approved safes is the best possible option.

Added Peace of Mind

Why do you want yourself to be over-stressed about the security of your assets which mean everything to you? There is nothing like the peace of mind one can get by knowing that their valuables be it cash or be it some kind of documents are secure inside an insurance approved safe.

Find your AiS Safe Today

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