How Best To Protect Your Home And Your Possessions

With the right broker, anything can be insured, and insurance is something that most households have in form or another. Apart from the obvious consequences of a loss, such as the sense of vulnerability after a break in, to the proceeding hike in insurance premiums, people are also incredibly sentimental.

We treasure our possessions, and while protecting them with the appropriate insurance cover, all the insurance money in the world is not going to replace the special heirlooms that you’ve inherited and memories that you’ve documented through film and photographs. Lock and Key The age old method which is probably still the most effective is keeping things under lock and key. Businesses do it to prevent pilfering and stock loss. We do it to keep our possessions safe when we leave home. The days of any old lock to deter an opportunist have long gone, and even the mundane front door lock must be a five lever mortice lock to contract any sort of decent home insurance policy. But the lock on the door is only the first line of defence, and while we can’t lock every aspect of our entire home away every time we go out, there is a lot we can do to make things harder for the unwelcome intruder.

Make Life Harder For Criminals Do not attach a key hook next to the front door. This is the first place a burglar is going to look to see if there is easy access to things that may be locked away. If you lock your new Ferrari away in a garage but leave the keys hanging at the front door with the tell-tale Ferrari key ring, you can be sure that’s the first thing the thief will investigate. Furthermore, having labels on your keys indicating what it is that they unlock is every criminals dream, and that includes the safe key. If you have locked away a substantial amount of cash or valuables in a home safe, either keep the key well hidden or preferably on your person as much as you can.

Even better, get a safe with a combination lock so that there’s no risk of the key being found. You can find a great range of secure safes by clicking here.

Mechanical X-Key Safe

To be extra secure, don’t use your children’s birthdays or the day that you adopted the dog as your password. Professional thieves tend to research their victims, and they’ll find this information on your social media accounts with ease. To keep all of your possessions safe and protected, it is important to choose a safe that has some fire durability and won’t be child’s play to open.